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Human Resources

Today’s trend of outsourcing human resource functions has become popular, even with the  smallest of businesses, due to the complexity of compliance issues and the need to control internal administrative costs.  In addition, many businesses overwhelmed by the costs associated with providing medical benefits and the complexities of the Affordable Care Act are seeking outside assistance in these areas. Providing these types of services is one of the ways FNL delivers strong financial value.

Through our strategic partnerships with several payroll firms, you can benefit from discounted pricing on quarterly tax filing and reporting, and retirement plan reporting.  We have also partnered with various firms to:

  • Facilitate online benefits enrollment and human resources information system (HRIS) functionality
  • Provide administration of F.S.A, HRA, and COBRA
  • Assist with the creation of employee handbooks detailing employer policies and procedures
  • Consolidated billing services

Contact us to learn how we can help streamline your human resource functions.